About me

♦  I am a 23 year old pre-vet student, living on the Isle of Wight.  ♦

I do not have a natural talent for writing, especially not in a blogging sort of context. However, I am keen to use this as a platform for several purposes…

1. To possibly aid others in a similar situation
2. So that friends and family can follow me on this adventure if they so chose
3. For something to look back on when things get tough

My journey so far is somewhat unconventional…

Since a very young age, I have known I wanted to be a vet. Growing up with the strong influence of my grandmother, (the Bear Grylls of the grandparent world) was definitely what sparked my initial interest. I helped her milk recording, lambing, calving, hatching chicks and foaling mares. She has a real enthusiasm for breeding that I share.

I missed the A Level grades I needed for vet med by a mile so instead opted to study Bioveterinary Science. Upon graduating, I realised that a job in research or conservation wasn’t going to satisfy me when all I wanted was to study veterinary medicine. Having accepted the fact there was no way I could finance another 4-5 years at uni, I was at a total loss of what to do. I decided to take a year out to save as much money as possible, clock up some more work experience and send off my application.

Hurdle number 1 – being offered a place among thousands of outstanding candidates. The competition is so high, with approximately 1400 applications for 200 places.

(Completed! – Offer from RVC, London & Kosice, Slovakia)

Hurdle number 2 – being able to save up enough money to actually afford to go…

Tuition Fees – I have already completed an undergraduate degree, and will therefore be responsible for the full 4-5 years of tuition fees. For the academic year beginning September 2018, tuition fees are £9,250.

Living Expenses – rent, food, transport etc. – I may be able to apply for a maintenance loan from Student Finance England, while this is unlikely to cover the full expenses, it will help along the way.

EMS Placements – in addition to the course, I will also be required to undertake a minimum 38 weeks of extra-mural studies (EMS) over the 4 years (12 weeks pre-clinical and 26 weeks of clinical placements). EMS is undertaken outside of term time, these placements will be unpaid and time-consuming, leaving little time for summer jobs or part-time employment.

Estimated Costs (per year)

  • £9250 tuition fees
  • £12,000+ living costs (dependent on location/rent)
  • £2,000 for EMS placement associated costs, accommodation and travel (as advised by RVC)
  • £500 equipment and books

I would very much like to be in the position to self-fund my way through this course but unfortunately there are just not enough hours in the day! I am currently working 6-7 days a week with an evening job and many hours of babysitting but despite earning and saving every penny I can – I am not going to be able to save enough to cover my tuition fees. I wish I didn’t have to ask but any dear friends or family that are able to donate would be helping me get that little bit closer to reaching my end goal and I would be forever grateful!


This summer I endeavor to take part in several activities for charity; including Walk the Wight and The Three Peaks 24h Challenge.

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Congratulations on making it into vet school! I don’t know if it’s available in the UK, but I’ve been working on trying to sell t-shirts through Merch By Amazon, that could work for you if you/someone you know is artistically inclined. Best of luck.


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