The waiting game

2 months today until my official first day of Vet School!

I can’t believe that I’m actually coming to the end of this long wait and getting closer to packing up my life and shipping it to London.

Despite being absolutely ecstatic about the fact I’ve finally made it to this point without (too many) breakdowns, there is a part of me that feels a slight sadness.

It’s been two years since I graduated from my first degree. At the time I was so disheartened about having to move back home, slot back into my old job and sit tight for two years while several of my friends were heading straight for Vet Med that summer.

Although it took a while and many moments of extreme frustration, I have now got totally settled in this way of life. I’m working at my old school which has been far better a job than I had imagined. It has given me more of a challenge and the complexity has saved my brain from melting entirely. I also feel it has prevented me feeling like I am detached from the education world forever. I have made great friendships with colleagues and pupils and it will feel very bittersweet to leave that all behind. The buzz of working in a school is inspiring and motivating. A big bonus has been getting roped in to supervising and assessing Duke of Edinburgh expeditions which are a really welcome change of scenery and you get to know staff and students on a much deeper level after sharing such challenging, exciting times.

In May I attended a Gold group on their practice expedition in the Lake District where we had the most unbelievable (and very unusual) weather. I was semi-killed off in the first day where we somehow managed to walk 27km(!) – definitely a new school record. We started off by climbing Hellvellyn in glorious sunshine but deadly heat. Some of the students really struggled with the initial climb and it was very rewarding to be able to coach them through the tough bits and see their determination in not giving up.


This day we didn’t make it back to camp until 8.45pm!Β All I can say is thank the lord for boil in the bag suppers as there was no way on earth anyone had the energy to cook this evening!


It’s a very different experience when supervising a group as you pay no attention to your own fatigue – until the next morning when your legs feel like wood and you can barely shuffle to the trangia to make a cup of tea. I was ready to throw the towel in on day 2 and offer to be the minibus driver for the day when I saw Matt (an experienced mountaineer-er nicknamed the ‘Mountain Goat’) also stagger out of his tent which made me feel much less pitiful. It was an amazing expedition that I feel extremely grateful to have been part of.

So odd to think that in 9 weeks time I’ll be able to write my first ‘Vet School’ post!

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