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I’m going to London!

I am absolutely over the moon to have received an unconditional offer from my first choice! From last years open day to the nerve wracking morning of my interview - the place was an absolute dream and the people could not have made me feel more welcome. It's really surreal to be sitting here today… Continue reading I’m going to London!


Should I stay or should I go?

Somewhere along the chaos of applying to UK universities I started thinking about what may happen if I were not to gain a place. With competition so high in the UK this was a real possibility and I would be left with the decision of waiting another year (two have been painful enough) and re-applying… Continue reading Should I stay or should I go?

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Work experience

I think it's fair to say my favourite placements are generally the farm based ones. I much prefer the outdoors and I feel like I gain so much hands on experience which fills me with a great sense of reward and confidence. The weather really was in our favour this lambing season (2017) and it… Continue reading Work experience

Application Process, Preparing for Vet School

Applying to Univeristy

Once I'd done the difficult bit (deciding that yes, I did want to spend another 4 years at university), it was time to actually do it - apply to vet school. I chose: Nottingham, Surrey and the graduate accelerated vet med at RVC. I figured since I had done this all once already, it would… Continue reading Applying to Univeristy

Personal Stuff and Background

A very good place to start…

First stop - School... didn't really go to plan for me. A combination of separating parents, moving schools and quite honestly my being more interested in rushing home to ride my horse before thinking about any school work, inevitably led to A level results far from what I needed to pursue a veterinary career. After… Continue reading A very good place to start…